April 27, 2015
Bettina Newbery

A good business idea could be an invention, a new product or service, or an original idea or solution to an everyday problem.

What is it that you will personally bring to the business in terms of relevant experience and expertise?

Is there a market - a need for the idea, and customers who will pay for it?

Do you have an interest or hobby that you could turn into a business?

How big is the market, and how will you reach it?

Who will be your main competitors?

What is special about your idea, making it different from similar products or services already out there?

How will you fund your idea?

We can help with an Integrated Business Plan and Financial Tools -

Web starter packages 

..are a great way to display a very focused site experience while allowing your customers to explore offers and topic specific content.

Online start-ups are usually microsites - one-page scroll downs comprising of 

+ company intro
+ project highlights
+ youTube video
+ contact info
+ easy to navigate
+ MOBILE ready

Showcase your company, add essential project information, juice up with video, twitter feeds and image panels - even add your personal BLOG to your site.

Visitors can scroll through your work on ONE page, and get an immediate good first impression. Despite the minimalist layout, microsites are great for drawing attention from visitors, avoiding over-elaboration and resulting in a captivating website.

Focus on what might get your customer to engage

+ clean + efficient look
+ big buttons
+ efficient search bar
+ business location
+ operating hours
+ send email to company
+ access to social networks

Our experts will work with you to create the perfect combination of company information, product or services round-up and contact information.

We can produce ONLINE START-UPS from £1,200 - with your very own content management system [CMS] included

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